ChopChop to teach Hawaiian-themed cooking class

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The ChopChop Test Kitchen will hold an end of the summer Hawaiian-themed class from 9 a.m. to noon Aug. 21 at the ChopChop test kitchen, 695-697 Belmont St., Belmont.

The cost of the class is $65.

Adventure on before the summer is over! “Travel” to Hawaii without ever leaving the ChopChop Test Kitchen on Belmont Street. In an upcoming kids’ cooking class, students will cook up tropical, tasty island cuisine as they enjoy an exciting, creative, hands-on experience. Ingredients to be discovered include soba noodles, ginger, pineapple, mango, coconut, dragon fruit, lilikoi, and more.

Got a picky eater? No problem! We often find they are more willing to try new foods in a fun group environment.

At the ChopChop Test Kitchen on Belmont Street, cooking class instructor Haynes Altobello gives kids the tools they need to be successful in the kitchen, while making food fun and healthy. Altobello is a kindergarten teacher and after-school cooking club instructor at the J.R. Lowell Elementary school in Watertown and she dives right in with local would-be young executive chefs from around the Boston area. Kids learn skills like grating, blending, chopping, measuring and mixing. Recipes for this upcoming Hawaiian class include tropical smoothies, rainbow kabobs, and soba noodle salad.

Past participants tend to be super enthusiastic about their time in the ChopChop test kitchen. They are often surprised by what they are able to do.

“I enjoyed ChopChop camp because we made all these different, exciting and delicious recipes. We worked as a team by putting our work together and being respectful, effortful and responsible,” said Ava Eckman, of Belmont.

The mission of ChopChop Family is to inspire and teach children and families to cook and eat real food together. ChopChop Family is the nonprofit publisher of ChopChop: The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families, an award-winning quarterly food magazine. ChopChop is also the recipient of a coveted gold award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys.

Sally Sampson, founder of ChopChop, aims to empower kids with their food. She believes that a little hands-on engagement and involvement from grocery store to table can help even the pickiest eaters change their interaction with food.

“When kids pick out their own zucchini at the farmer’s market and then help turn it into zucchini pasta, they’re much more likely to try and enjoy it,” said Sampson.

This “Travel to Hawaii” Cooking Class is designed for kids in third to fifth grade but ChopChop often runs cooking classes at their Test Kitchen in Belmont throughout the year, including classes designed for teens. ChopChop’s Kids Advisory Board involves serious kid-cooks from across the nation, and turns them into ambassadors for fresh, homemade meals.

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