ChopChop Magazine Named as Best Practice in Childhood Obesity Prevention

WATERTOWN, Mass., June 13, 2012 –/PRNewswire-iReach/ — ChopChop Magazine, a non-profit quarterly food magazine for kids aged 5-12 and their families, was named a “Best Practice in Childhood Obesity Prevention” by the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP).

Childhood obesity is a healthcare epidemic.

As First Lady Michelle Obama has put it, “Obesity could now be an even greater threat to America’s health than smoking. If we continue on our current path, in ten years, nearly 50 percent of all Americans will be obese—not just overweight, but obese.”

To address this national crisis, NAPNAP is recognizing the best programs and resources that can positively impact the rate of childhood obesity and featuring them for PNPs and pediatric health care providers. ChopChop Magazine has earned this prestigious recognition along with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative.

“Our mission is to inspire and teach kids to cook and eat real food with their families and we’re thrilled to have nurse practitioners get on board with this important message.” says Sally Sampson, ChopChop’s Founder.  

Founded in 2010 by JamesBeard award-nominated cookbook author Sally Sampson, ChopChop, the Fun Cooking Magazine for Families, is a non-profit quarterly food magazine launched as an antidote to childhood obesity.  ChopChop’s mission is to educate kids to cook and be nutritionally literate, empower them to actively participate as health partners with their families, and help establish and support better eating habits for a lifetime of good nutrition. Published in both Spanish and English, the magazine is filled with educational food facts, illuminating Q&A’s, and interactive games. ChopChop has been to the White House (twice!), and interviewed senators, athletes, chefs, and cookbook authors, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama and Former First Lady Barbara Bush. But above all, the magazine is about the recipes, which are nutritious, great tasting, ethnically diverse, and affordable.

Want healthier families? “Teach kids to cook,” says Marion Nestle, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health and Professor of Sociology at NYU.

Since its launch in March 2010, over 3 million copies of ChopChop have been distributed to more than 10,000 pediatricians’ offices (it’s in nearly half of all pediatric practices in the United States), children’s hospitals, and youth-based community organizations, as well as to schools, after-school programs, food banks, farmers markets, and grocery stores spanning every state and twelve countries. Barry S. Zuckerman, MD, Professor of Pediatrics and Public Health at Boston University School of Medicine, has praised the magazine’s efforts: “Rather than just dispensing advice, ChopChop offers recipes for parents and children to make together. When your children cook with you, they not only learn how to measure ingredients, cut, and prepare foods, but they learn how and why to eat healthfully.”

ChopChop’s Advisory board includes prominent figures from healthcare, nutrition, and childhood education, including: Walter Willett, MD, MPH, Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health; David Cutler, PhD; David Ludwig, MD, MPH, Founding Director, Optimal Weight for Life program, Children’s Hospital Boston;  and best-selling cookbook author Mollie Katzen. All ChopChop recipes are reviewed by ChopChop’s advisoryboard and by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and they’re improved and approved by our most rigorous testers of all—real kids in home kitchens.

About ChopChop Magazine 

Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ChopChop, The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families is a non-profit, quarterly food magazine for kids aged 5-12 and their families.  ChopChop’s mission is to educate kids to cook and be nutritionally literate, empower them to actively participate as health partners with their families. Aimed at reaching every child in America, ChopChop’s longer-term vision is to reverse and prevent childhood obesity.  ChopChop is distributed to pediatricians, hospitals, school systems, governments, youth organizations, and businesses that encourage healthy eating and wellness habits. ChopChop is published by Kid2Kid, Inc, a 501(c)(3 non-profit organization located in Watertown, MA.  For more information and to subscribe to ChopChop Magazine, please visit or call Sally Sampson at 617-924-3993.

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) 

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) is committed to improving the health care of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. An association of nearly 7,500 nurse practitioners throughout the Unites States, NAPNAP is the only advanced practice registered nursing organization in the world focused on pediatric health and has 47 Chapters in 32 states. To learn more about NAPNAP’s recognized resources and best practices in childhood obesityprevention, go to: