Our Team

ChopChop Family Staff

Sally Sampson | Founder and President

Connie Askin | Executive Director

Heidi Broadley | Publishing Director

Philip Anderson-Shore | Marketing Director

Evilee Ebb | Business Development

Allie Crafton | Communications Manager

Stephanie Hurwitz | Test Kitchen & Office Manager

Catherine Newman | Editor ChopChop Magazine

Doc Willoughby | Editor Seasoned

Karen Wise | Copy Editor

Hana Nobel | Special Projects

Adam Ried | Contributor

Vayu Mani Rekda | Science Contributor

Vic DeRobertis | Creative Director

Carl Tremblay | Photographer

Catrine Kelty | Food Stylist

Claudia Trevino Retanta | Translator

Mariana Paula Muriago | Design Translator, Proofreader

Haynes Altobello | Education Consultant

Gail Arnold | Education Consultant

Theresa Brosnan-Johnson | Accountant 

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Board of Directors

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Heather Grimmett, Independent Advisor 
Wayland, MA

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Andrew Steinberg, CEO
Modern Publishing, New York, NY

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Ana Sortun, Chef/Owner
Boston, MA

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Shikha Anand, Chief Medical Officer ​​​​

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Sally Sampson, Founder
ChopChop Family, Belmont, MA

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Michael Smith, Attorney
New York City, NY

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ChopChop Family receives advice, guidance, and feedback from some of the leading lights in children’s healthcare, education, and media.




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David S. Ludwig, MD, PhD
Co-director, New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center
Children’s Hospital Boston
Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

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Walter Willett, MD, MPH
Chair, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health Boston, MA

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Advisory Board

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Urit Chaimovitz
Boston, MA

David Cutler, PhD
Kennedy School of Government
Cambridge, MA

Mollie Katzen
Cookbook Author
Berkeley, CA

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Vivien Morris, MS, RD, MPH
Chairperson, Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition
Mattapan, MA

Natalie Digath Muth, MD, MPH
Pediatrician, Children's Primary Care Medical Group
San Diego, CA

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John Willoughby
Writer, Editor, and Cookbook Author
New York, NY

Shale Wong
University of Colorado School of Medicine
Aurora, CO

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Liana Joy, MA

Hailey Fullenkamp, KY

Tate Elliott, PA


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Quintyn Scott, MA

Owen Osborne, LA

Te'Lario Watkins II, OH


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Aleeza Riaz, MA

Jai Kalwani, MA