Get to Know a Kid Mushroom Farmer and Business Owner

We love meeting kids who are doing creative projects in the food world, like running their own businesses and volunteering to help at-risk communities. That’s why we were excited to interview a kid mushroom farmer, Te’Lario Watkins II, who is also one of our new Kids Advisory Board members. Te’Lario founded Tiger Mushroom Farms at the age of seven and began selling his mushrooms at local farmers markets. He has received attention from several local and national media outlets, including the Steve Harvey Show. Get to know him more in the interview below.

Meet the 2019-2020 Kids Advisory Board

One of the things that sets us apart from other nonprofits and organizations is our Kids Advisory Board (KAB). Working closely with ChopChop Family, the KAB shares ideas on how to inspire others to cook real food in the kitchen. The members provide valuable perspectives on kids cooking, family meals, and overall health and wellness. We love how the KAB highlights the power young people have to create impactful changes within schools, communities, and beyond. Get to know our 2019-2020 board members by reading about each of them below.