Our original Sprout Magazine is getting an update. With the help of a new editor and a new medical director, we are relaunching Sprout, a quarterly magazine to focus on the time between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday, an important period for children’s brain and palate development as well as for the health of the mother-spouse/father-infant triad. 

Sprout aims to inspire practical parenting and healthy living through recipes, nutrition education, pregnancy and child rearing advice, and wellness news. Every issue is divided into three sections, each with a focus on a specific stage of preparing for and parenting young children—from pregnancy to baby’s first year to toddlerhood. In Sprout, readers will find wholesome, inexpensive, everyday food ideas that meet the unique needs of parents, children and families, as well as expert pregnancy, parenting and health coverage during these periods of rapid brain development and adoption of healthful family routines.

Please contact Evilee at [email protected] or 508-269-9346 for more information.