ChopChop Family Publications

ChopChop Family is a not-for-profit educational resource whose mission is to inspire and teach families to cook and eat real food together. Our primary tool is our award-winning publication series: magazines and cookbooks for children, parents, and older adults. ChopChop Family’s publications are free of advertising and receive funding from hospitals, foundations, donors, schools, after-school programs, SNAP-Ed, WIC, food banks, county extension offices, and individual donations.

Click on the publication covers below to learn more about the respective magazine. For questions, email or call us at 617.924.3993.


ChopChop Magazine

The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families

Award-winning magazine filled with delicious recipes, essential how-tos, STEM activities, fun food facts, interactive games, and more.

Sprout Magazine

Recipes, Tips, and Activities for a Healthy Start

Nutrition education resource for low-income families with children up to five years old.

Seasoned Magazine

Inspired Cooking Magazine for Adults

Easy-to-follow recipes, skill-building how-tos, budget-stretching tips, brain boosters, and more for our older readers.

Simple Text

ChopChop demonstrates that a print publication with the right message can still shine.“ —James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards Committee