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Like all of you, we’re trying to figure out how best to adjust to life with quarantines, social distancing, and school closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to current events, we’ve launched two new newsletters: one for kids and one for adults.

The ChopChop Kids Club weekly newsletter includes at-home cooking curriculum to support kids’ learning, to help keep them calm and busy, and (bonus!) to put food on your table. With so many children and teenagers home from school, now is a great time to learn to cook together.

The Seasoned biweekly newsletter features tips for making cooking easier for older adults, exercises to improve balance and stability, and sometimes a game or two.

Don’t worry! In both of our newsletters, we’re not calling for anything fancy. We’re mostly talking about shelf-stable food: cans of beans and tomatoes, frozen vegetables and fruit, pasta, and rice.

You’ve got this.

Each newsletter will offer a low-key home-learning curriculum, a selection of pantry-based recipes, engaging and educational activities and games, and relevant step-by-step kitchen skills to practice and master. Everyone will be eating at home more than ever in these coming weeks and months, and we have so many great ways to think about making fun, simple meals—and learning a ton in the process.
Every two weeks, we’ll send out a new set of recipes, activities, and exercises with a focus on foods that are pantry-staples. With everyone eating at home, now is the perfect time to share step-by-step cooking skills and we hope you find them easy to deploy.

We’d love to hear from you for our future editions. Simply email [email protected] with ideas of what you’d like to see—whatever it may be, we’re here to help you and your family.

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Kids Club Newsletter

Seasoned Newsletter

Show Us What’s Cooking!

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We’d love to see what you and your family are making together. Upload pictures or videos of your kitchen creations and tag us at @chopchopmagazine on Facebook or @chopchopkids on Instagram so we can see and share.

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Get our curated list of pantry-friendly recipes so your family can continue cooking, learning, and eating together.

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