Introducing: Skillet

We’ve cooked up something new! This month we launched the newest member of the ChopChop Family, Skillet

With ChopChop we reach kids and families, with Seasoned we reach older adults, and now we are excited to reach a new demographic of young adults who are living on their own.

Throughout the years we have heard from readers who have outgrown ChopChop about the challenges that come with navigating their own kitchen for the first time. Skillet helps them with those new responsibilities that come from living independently. Cooking can feel intimidating and eating real food demands time, skill, and resources—things young adults might not feel like they have. 

Skillet demystifies cooking by making it accessible and fun. Our delicious and simple recipes, nutrition tips, and useful food facts give young adults kitchen-confidence to improve their overall well-being. 

Skillet boils down cooking skills to the basics so anyone can learn. In addition, we’ll be sharing advice about grocery shopping, kitchen equipment, throwing dinner parties, turning leftovers into new meals, and everything in between.

Soon you’ll be able to find longer-form content on and shorter, quick tips and tricks on our Instagram page @skillet_mag

We are excited for the young adults (and anyone who needs it) to start using SkilletTake a look at our Instagram page and We’d love any and all feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Feel free to reach out at [email protected] 

Tune into a podcast to hear Editor-In-Chief Hana Nobel introduce Skillet and to find out find out its mission, who will benefit from it the most, and the opportunities and challenges of a digital-only publication.