Go Out of Your Comfort Zone While Cooking

Over the last few years, I have realized how important it is to go out of your comfort zone while cooking. I encourage myself to try new things, and I’ve learned that trial and error is ok. There are only two extremes that can happen when you are cooking something risky. It will either turn out amazing, or it will completely fail. That is the risk that must be taken.


The more you fail and mess up in cooking, the more you learn. One great example of a time that I went out of my comfort zone as at Christmas time. I wanted to make something for my family during the holiday season. I looked through lots of cookbooks, trying to find a recipe that was perfect. Finally, I found the perfect recipe, a yule log. I knew that it was an ambitious thing to make, but I was excited to try something so elaborate. I worked for two days making the cake, frosting, and mushroom meringues. Happily, the cake was gorgeous and delicious too. I worked hard, went out of my comfort zone, and the effort paid off. I strongly encourage all cooks to try something new and to challenge themselves.

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