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The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families. Our award-winning kids and family magazine that's filled with delicious recipes, essential how-tos, STEAM activities, fun food facts, interactive games, and more.


ChopChop: The Fun Cooking Magazine for Families is an award-winning quarterly magazine we’ve been publishing in both English and Spanish for over 10 years. It’s been a way to fulfill our mission to inspire and teach families to cook and eat real food together. The magazine teaches kids to feed themselves and have fun in the process, while working on other essential life skills, including relationship building, nutrition awareness, and language literacy.

What's Inside?

Each 48-page issue of the magazine contains delicious, nutritious, culturally diverse, affordable, and easy-to-follow recipes, along with essential kitchen skills, stealth STEAM learning, and loads of fun facts, games, and activities.

ChopChop is distributed through children’s hospitals, health centers, public schools, after-school programs, American Indian health services, and community organizations.

Who is it for?

ChopChop is designed for families with children of all ages, but our subscribers also include physicians, teachers, businesses, health agencies, organizations, and individuals who want a uniquely engaging tool for teaching kids about food, cooking, nutrition, and health.

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