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We partner with like-minded businesses to provide limited print runs of branded content. We have provided magazines for partners to distribute as they choose, and have also worked with partners to distribute to target markets. We ensure impact and visibility by working with our nation-wide network of doctors, teachers, healthcare providers, SNAP-distributors, WIC-distributors, and the general public reaching 500,000 annually. Our family of magazines has featured articles from Michelle Obama, Mark Bittman, host of National Public Radio’s Splendid Table, Francis Lam, among others, and our publications are steered by a nationally known James-Beard-winning editorial team. Endorsed by The American Academy of Pediatrics and six-time winner of the Parents Choice Award, let us help your team promote a healthier tomorrow.


  • ChopChop Magazine that are branded with your logo, promoting how your business supports families cooking together.
  • Fun, targeted content to focus on healthy ways to use specific foods.
  • We’ve even taken a request to do an entire magazine centered on carrots!

Whatever nutritious message you’re seeking to promote, and whoever you’re trying to reach our team will provide an innovative approach to make sure that message is healthy, accessible, and fun. 

For more information, email [email protected] or call 617-924-3993.

We’ve partnered with ChopChop magazine because their mission aligns with ours in encouraging people to take the time to prepare and eat whole foods resulting in healthier, more productive lives. This is especially true with children for proper development during their adolescent years. ChopChop provides fun, creative, and healthy recipes for the entire family to enjoy.” – Lori Sobelson, Bob’s Red Mill Director of Corporate Outreach

If you ask me, [ChopChop is] doing preventive medicine…Cooking reduces obesity and reducing obesity reduces disease. Get a couple of hundred thousand kids cooking now and who knows what might happen in 20 years?” – Mark Bittman, The New York Times