Fueling up For the Day. By Lily Stewart

Most likely you have heard at least once, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." And like me, you were probably confused why people skip breakfast. So I started doing some resarch about a month ago. 

I found out that eating breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. Fasting means going without food, which is what basically happens during the night when you are sleeping. Eating breakfast also replenishes our glugose (sugar) and other nutrients our body needs to help us stay awake and have energy. Also, the energy you get from eating breakfast helps us do better in school!




Hey, New England! We’re coming to Festival at the Farm in Canton, Massachusetts on September 16th and 17th. There will be live music, food, games, a kid’s zone, and local vendors all weekend long. And we’ll be there too, running a culinary workshop to showcase breakfast solutions for easier mornings. Stop by and say hello to the ChopChop team.



Want to join us? We’re giving away three sets of two-day family packs. Three winners will receive two adult and two kids tickets. Here's a sneak peek at the lineup. 





Enter here by August 16th for your chance to win.



Girl Scouts Troop 88190 Cooking Classes

Over the past few weeks, the girl scouts from troop 88190 of Waltham, MA have come together at the ChopChop Test Kitchen to cook real food together. The 12 girls were interested in learning how to make some classic and tasty recipes while also refining their kitchen skills. With the help of some fundraising through cookie sales, the troop was able to take 3 extended classes at the ChopChop Test Kitchen.

Through team building activities and cooking experiments, the girls gained knowledge in stove and oven safety, knife skills, and recipe creativity. Some of their favorite recipes from the

Playing with Food by Julian Frederick

Kids playing with their food is a good thing and here’s why…

Hi, I’m Julian and I’m a proud member of the ChopChop Kids Advisory Board.  I’m here to tell you why kids play with food is a good thing.  Now, I know what you are thinking “kids should not play with their foods”, but the type of playing I’m really talking about is kids learning to experiment and be creative while cooking.  When kids experiment and play with food not only do they start to create new things but they also learn to be independent. Kids start to use their imagination AND their creativity grows. I personally get excited

ChopChop Cooking Camp Recap

Last week, the ChopChop Test Kitchen held it’s first Cooking Camp over April Vacation. Students from all over Massachusetts signed up and took part in the five-day cooking camp where they each learned new recipes, gained experience refining their kitchen skills, and making new friends in the process!

What's Cooking at the Library? by Henry McFetridge

Being a Kids Advisory Board member for ChopChop this year really gave me some new experiences and let me meet new people. Before, I had never really thought about magazines or publications at all. Then I started distributing the magazine to different places around my town and neighboring towns. One of those places is my local library. I supply the library with a few copies of the magazine, and they put it on the check out shelf, put up a free pile, and they even created a cooking backpack that kids can check out.

The cooking backpack was the brainchild of the main Children’s Librarian,

Secrets of a Spice Girl by Mareesa Ahmad

I remember the exact moment when I fell in love with spices. I was sitting on the kitchen countertop in my pink Dora the Explorer nightgown as I watched my mother cook. I helped her scoop flour onto the cold, granite surface and made a small well in the center of the flour mound. She expertly cracked an egg with one hand; I tried to do the same, but the egg shells fell into the mixture. My mother patiently picked out the shells and said, “you’ll get it next time” in fluent Bengali. I nodded my head sagely.

I used my small hands to mix the flour and egg together as if I were kneading play


After years of planning and months of construction, the ChopChop Test Kitchen is finally a beautiful and functional reality! On March 19th, 2017, our ChopChop family and friends came together to celebrate the opening of the ChopChop Test Kitchen. About 100 guests took tours of the state of the art kitchen and learned how ChopChop plans on using the space for cooking classes, photo shoots, and recipe testing.

Kids took part in cooking activities from Make-Your-Own Fruit Salad Kabobs and a Chefs’ Hat coloring station to riding our ChopChop Blender Bike. Guests sipped on Pomegranate Sparkler

Plant A Seed and Watch It Grow by Maxwell Surprenant

ChopChop Kids Advisory Board member, Maxwell Surprenant, had the opportunity to visit the White House in October 2016 with Scholastic to interview former First Lady Michelle Obama. ChopChop is excited to see our relationship with Mrs. Obama continue through our Kids Advisory Board Members.


An Interview with First Lady Michelle Obama

Plant A Seed and Watch It Grow

By Maxwell Surprenant


In October 2016, as a Kid Reporter in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps, I met and interviewed former First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. We gathered in the Map Room, at a round table with

On The Road by Lily Stewart

Have you ever been on a long trip and you are really hungry? I have! Eating on a trip is not always healthy, mostly because fast food restaurants are easy to stop at on a long road trip. There’s a solution to this problem! The answer is: choose something you like to eat and make it ahead of time. You could make a quick recipe, like Crunchy Celery Sticks or a Turkey Wrap with Lemony Hummus and Cheese.

ChopChop has many recipes that are fast as well as delicious. Even my Dad, who is always in a rush, would eat these recipes. Recently, I went with my Dad on a road trip in his semi truck. When I