Who We Love: Jenn LaVardera

Our summer issue is full of salad recipes packed with fruits and vegetables. We love Dole’s fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, so we’re excited to help spread the word about their Tour de Fresh Cycling Event.  Our summer issue features biking as a way to stay fit, AND ChopChop was established in Watertown, where the proceeds from part of Tour de Fresh’s fundraising for salad bars will go. Jenn LaVardera, who works for Dole, took a break from biking to sit down with ChopChop to fill us in on how biking 200 miles from Napa Valley to Monterey, California will help “Move Salad Bars to Schools”

Sides Dishes for your Next Barbecue

With Spring in full swing and Summer on it’s way, what a better way to embrace the seasons with your favorite outdoor meals.  This month, we are featuring one of our favorite summer recipes, Burgers, in the latest ChopChop Cooking Club challenge. To turn your burger into a meal, or if you’re looking for an additional challenge, try cooking some of these seasonal side dishes that we think are perfect to eat along with your burger!

Easy Dill Pickles
This sour and crunchy recipe is perfect to add as a topping for your burger or simply eat as a snack!

Corn on the Cob
This is a summertime staple!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Fool-Proof Menu

Mother’s Day has been celebrated in the United States for over 100 years as a way of honoring the sacrifices the mom in your life makes.  We love Mother’s Day, and what is a better way to celebrate the holiday than to make your Mother breakfast?

To get you started, we went ahead and made a Mother’s Day menu for your Mom—all you have to do is get cooking! Make this Mother’s Day extra special by serving Mom breakfast in bed!

Tropical Smoothie
Maybe you can’t send your mom on a tropical vacation, but make her feel like she is relaxing somewhere tropical with this smoothie!  It is super


It is important to celebrate the Earth for many reasons.  It provides us with a place to live and food to eat. The world does a lot for us, so today (and everyday!) is our chance to give back to the Earth. Here are some easy solutions to reduce waste and keep our Earth clean from our spring “Green” issue.

Trash To Treasure Eating
Do you know the expression “waste not, want not”? We like to expand the idea of what parts of plants and vegetables are edible. That way we waste less food and enjoy a greater range of flavors and textures.

  • Stalks: Broccoli stalks are sweet and delicious: chop and