Introducing: Jennifer Devivo, Head Chef/Cafe Director Up Island Regional Schools, Martha’s Vineyard

Here at ChopChop we focus more on cooking at home, but we have a lot of friends (like First Lady Michelle Obama and the organization Foodcorps) who advocate for healthier, better school lunches. So we were so excited to hear about Jennifer Devivo, who is the head chef for a public school in Martha’s Vineyard.

How to Use Ice Cube Trays for Recipe Prep

My life changed one day when my basil plants were in dire need of trimming and I made a big batch of pesto.  As soon as my five and a half-year-old daughter caught wind of this, she announced that she wouldn’t so much as eat a thimbleful and that from now on, she would only eat tomato sauce on pasta.  My four-year-old son, listening intently, announced that he wouldn’t touch tomato sauce, and would only dine on pesto. 

The Myth of Fast Food

Our founder Sally knew, of course, the flavor and nutrition in fast food to be inferior to home-cooked but she also knew, without evidence but in her bones, that fast food was not as cheap as it is rumored to be and so she sought to find proof. Although cheap and fast have somehow become synonymous, Sally didn't believe that food purchased in a fast food restaurant- or any restaurant, for that matter, could be cheaper than the same food cooked at home - and it turns out, neither should you. Not only is cooking at home more nutritious (lower in calories, fat and sodium), fresher and better for your family in almost every way, it's also significantly less expensive and in most cases, once you have your ingredients on hand, no more time-consuming.  

Food Resolutions

Throughout the year, people like to make resolutions and set goals  Many people like to make resolutions based on food and their diets. Though the category is broad, this allows for lots of room to come up with your own resolution that is exactly what you need. My resolution, for example, is to eat less processed foods. There are so many different options when it comes to making your own “processed” snacks instead of buying them in the store. It is easier, more fun, and much healthier for you.

Dinner Party Theme Ideas

Want to throw your own dinner party? These themes are easy to customize for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday party, a fancy dinner party, or a “just because” affair. With adult support, these are ideas that kids can help bring to life.

Francis Lam on Stir-Fried Eggs

Recently I found myself feeling a sudden, irresistible craving for Chinese Stir-fried Tomatoes and Eggs. I’ve known this dish—savory, sweet-tart tomato sauce folded around soft-scrambled eggs—my entire life. A version of it was my younger brother’s favorite food when we were growing up—and by “favorite food,” I mean it was basically the only thing he would eat for the first eight years of his life. When I worked in Chinatown, it was a staple of every $4 buffet in the neighborhood.

Lively Leftovers

As we know, after any family gathering, party, or the holidays there are leftovers that take up space in the fridge. What should you do if you do not want to eat the same thing again, but also do not want waste? Use your leftovers! You can make multiple new creations!

Sally's Soups

Sally is famous for her soups for a reason. These six recipes come straight from Sally’s stovetop. Add Mushroom and Sausage Soup, Roasted Winter Borscht, Broccoli, White Bean and Basil Soup--and more--to your soup rotation, and we promise your winter will warm up in no time.

Introducing Gail Arnold

Gail Arnold, known as Chef Gail to kids in the Test Kitchen, has been one of our fabulous Test Kitchen teachers for some time now and has been teaching our Edible Alphabet classes this year.  Gail has been cooking professionally since she was 18 years old (!) and in addition to cooking in restaurants, was director Steven Spielberg’s personal chef. This month we’re celebrating her cinematic connections with our Movie Night Cooking Class.