Introducing Gail Arnold

Gail Arnold, known as Chef Gail to kids in the Test Kitchen, has been one of our fabulous Test Kitchen teachers for some time now and has been teaching our Edible Alphabet classes this year.  Gail has been cooking professionally since she was 18 years old (!) and in addition to cooking in restaurants, was director Steven Spielberg’s personal chef. This month we’re celebrating her cinematic connections with our Movie Night Cooking Class. 


Homemade gifts of food can be the best gifts of all. This year, whatever your cooking skill, time allowance or budget, you can give something truly spectacular, the kind of present you wish someone would have the presence of mind to make for you. SPICY ORANGE PECANS Makes 4 cups These pecans have a shelf life of six months and while it’s a rare household that doesn’t consume the day they’re made, it’s nice to know these don’t have to be made the night before the event. Serve these with sweet and spicy dishes, especially Chinese or Indian food; or for a sweet sensation, add to chocolate ice cream and drizzle with Grand Marnier, both of which you can also bring as accompaniments. Transport them in style in take-out containers covered with festive holiday designs.


We love holiday traditions, but if you’re looking for ways to change it up this year, borrow a recipe from Sally’s kitchen. Whether it’s Christmas Tamales, Wild Mushroom and Fennel Soup, or Cranberry Apple Crisp, you’re bound to fall in love with a new dish.


No matter how big our guest list, we always seem to have extra turkey leftover after the holidays. And though we love turkey sandwiches, we’ve come up with even more versatile ways to use the last of the bird. These four recipes--Turkey Stew Sausage, Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash, Turkey Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Bacon, and Turkey Risotto with Cranberries--will change the way you think about leftovers. 


Delicious, creamy, healthy; that sounds just like an avocado to me!  Avocados offer nearly 20 minerals and vitamins. These vitamins help fight off diseases, control your blood pressure, and have many other excellent benefits for the human body. Avocados can be used as a healthy substitute for oil, butter, shortening, sour cream, mayonnaise, and cream cheese in many recipes. Avocados can also be used to make countless delicious recipes.

Dairy Alternatives

Do you have an allergy to dairy? Do you like to cook? Have you ever found cooking with your allergy hard to do? Well, it doesn’t have to be. There are many alternatives! So many people in this world have allergies to dairy including my sister. Since my sister has a dairy allergy, I have had to use substitutes in my recipes. Almost all of the alternatives listed below I have used in my recipes. I hope this table helps you change your recipes so you can eat them.


We're excited to introduce our new ChopChop Kids Advisory Board (KAB). This group of cool kids was hand-selected from kids that applied. They’ll help us to test recipes, think of new ideas for the magazine, and make sure ChopChop gets the kid approval. For the next few weeks, we’ll be spotlighting different members of the board. This week, meet Quintyn! In addition to cooking Quintyn likes to play video games and eat dumplings. 

Ryan's Spice-Stopper experiment

For my school science fair, I was allowed to do almost any kind of experiment. I was thinking about what my classmates were doing, and it seemed that they were all doing things that fit their personality. The people who know me sometimes call me “The Consumer” because I don’t have a favorite food; I eat everything. I obviously had to do something on food.