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The Smart Money Magazine for Kids and their Families

Benjamin, The Smart Money Magazine for Kids and their Families, is a non-profit magazine with the mission of helping children achieve financial literacy by providing information that is educational, informative, playful, and engaging. Reflecting on the enormous economic inequalities in this country, as well as the alarming drop in math scores, Benjamin’s vision is to help raise children who thrive financially.

  • Ad-free, 24-page, four-color print periodical
  • Inclusive and accessible, with content that reinforces concepts of math, money skills, and pre-vocational and life skills
  • Written for 3rd to 8th grade students and their families
  • Can be branded with front cover logo and back cover messaging
  • Community-based sponsorship model

Benjamin is underwritten by financial institutions and distributed through banks, schools, health centers, after-school programs, and community organizations. Download a sample issue here.

For more information, please contact
Mark Carlson

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